Helicute H827SW Hornet GPS drone, take you to explore the world!

Human invented the travel, and keep finding the meaning of travel. Perhaps, it's about to get in touch with the unknown. If you don't take the first step, you will never get close it. The world may never be changed if don't take off. Now, take off with H827SW Hornet GPS Drone, to explore the unknown. Look at the horizon, pursue your original dream, enjoy the joy of flying!


Brand new Hornet GPS Drone with Follow me function, it will follow at leisure wherever you go during Travelling. Equipped with wide-angle Lens 4K WiFi camera, capture all the action from your flight, help you to explore the unknown. And the rotatable gimbal camera, which can effectively eliminate jitter and improve the image quality of aerial photgraphy of aerial photography. In addition, the Hornet GPS drone is allow to instantly share the pictures and video which you take with it. Only need to connect the drone with your smartphone, then the amazing pictures will send to your smartphone directly via the APP, and you can share to your lover, family and friends immediately.  Bring the wider world more than you can imagine and record the special moment for you!


One key Take off, landing, Headless mode will be helpful for the beginner to start the flight, let you to control it more easier.

GPS positioning return home, no matter how far away, the Hornet drone can fly back home automatically when you request, no worry about the drone lost through the flight.


Fixed-point surrounding flight - capture a memorable travelling vlog.

Waypoint Mode: Create missions and draw routes to your liking. The Hornet drone will fly exactly as you command, simply and efficiently.


300 meters control distance with 16 minutes flight time, give you more time to travel cross the ocean and the mountain at a greater distance.

Ingenious design with strong power, be your excellent partner on travelling - Hornet GPS Drone.Let's Go!


Post time: Feb-23-2023