Helicute H828HW long time flight Petrel – amazing 28mins long time flight drone!

If you have 28 minutes, what would you choose to do? Watch a TV play? Play a game? Now, Helicute Long Flight Petrel Drone, which has 2000 mAh high-capacity battery, gives you a super long drone playing time at 28 minutes. Fashionable Design with altitude hold function and beautiful LED lights, super easy for beginners to control it. Come on, pass the boring time with 28mins Long time flight Petrel drone!


28 minutes, gives you enough time to see the world from a different view. Equipped with an advanced camera that can capture stunning images from a distance of up to 50 meters. Pair your smart phone to the drone via the APP to gain a FPV from your drone's perspective and take photos and record video for the beautiful scenery with ease, and share to your friends directly. Let's start at once, enjoy a flying game!


The Long time flight Petrel drone also has latest functions such as gesture photogesture video and so on. Connected the drone with your phone, and turn on the APP, show the hand gesture, the drone will start recording function. For example, show the "V" hand gesture, after recognizing, it will automatically take pictures in three seconds. Show the “palm” hand gesture, the drone will start recording video. In addition, the drone also can be control by your smartphone via the APP. Powerful function with long flying time, Enjoy every wonderful minute of life.


Last but not least, the Long time flight Petrel drone also come with 360° flips, headless mode and one key returnMultiple speed settings make flying easy to learn yet nimble. Every moment, we are enjoying the flying pleasure by Long Flight Petrel Drone.

28 minutes, bring more fun and possibilities for you!


Post time: Feb-24-2023